What is a DBA? What is a Database Administrator?

A database administrator (DBA) is an IT professional tasked with dealing with the installation, configuration, monitoring, maintaining, administration and securing the database management software within an organisation. This could be at one or multiple sites.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the database software, and it's also the job of the DBA to help and support the developers and users in mastery of the product (SQL Server) and Transact-SQL (T-SQL). The DBA should be able to give training sessions on any subject, maybe on optimal SQL queries for developers and simple join theory for power users. These sessions will bring great benefit to any organisation. You only truly know a technical point, when you can explain it to someone else.

Here are some of the steps involved with being a DBA

  • Get Certified
  • Use the Free resources available
  • Read SQL Server books
  • Be empathic; be helpful and mentor others
  • Always give others the benefit of the doubt

What are the reasons for becoming a database administrator?

  • It's not as detailed as development
  • It may carry much more responsibility
  • It's a different mind-set from development
  • Tasks can be quite short; but then can also take much longer
  • Sometimes, you work from home
  • It’s fun (well we think so!)

Being a DBA can be fun, and it's not about being the absolute rule of the universe.  DBA's are meant to help their customers, users and developers in achieving their maximum out of the SQL Server engine in a friendly, co-operative way.

The qualities of a DBA

We believe the right approach is to be a mentor, to show the way, to explain fully.  Not everyone has the mind-set to be a quality DBA. Developers sometimes don't have time to worry about the database, they just have to get it done.  We can help by working with your developers or team and ensure all your DBA matters are taken care of. We work with your team, side by side. Our DBAs working seamlessly with your goals and resource.