About Us

Sequallity was formed in April 2005 to provide quality SQL Server consultancy, training and resource. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner.

We obtained the requirements for the Data Management Solutions Competency in August 2008 and have held them ever since.

Our People

John Parker is our Database Director. He specialises in Transact-SQL, Database Administration and Training.  His real speciality is performance tuning and optimisation.

John is certified in SQL 2012; Querying SQL Server 2012, MCTS certified in SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Administrator for SQL Server 2005.  He also holds the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator certification or MCDBA.  He has been an MCDBA since April 2002 and a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in SQL Server 7 since August 2001. John has been working in IT since 1992 and started using SQL Server as a client/server developer in 1999. He has been a SQL Server DBA since June 2000. In that time John has developed some great working relationships with clients and colleagues alike. He apologises for his terrible sense of humour.

John used to be an application developer using FoxPro/Visual FoxPro, so when he became a SQL Server DBA; he was always writing manual scripts and trying to wring the best out of SQL.  He is a production DBA at heart but knows Transact-SQL very well and designs and give courses in T-SQL too.  He has set-up data warehouses for banks in the UK and has also performance tuned data warehouses as well as transactional databases.

Our Experience/Location (SQL UK)

We have knowledge and experience in SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 7 and SQL Server 6.5. We are based in the Midlands right outside Coventry and from this position are able to get very easily to the M6, M1, M40 and M5.  Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham and Derby are nearby, London is only 50 minutes away by train. We can work in the south-east or the north-west (Manchester and Liverpool) if so required.

Skills Matrix

VersionReal World Experience?

SQL Server 2014


SQL Server 2012

ExperiencedQuerying SQL Server 2012Feb 2014

SQL Server 2008 R2


SQL Server 2008

ExperiencedMCTSJun 2010

SQL Server 2005

ExperiencedMCITP, MCTSFeb 2009

SQL Server 2000

ExperiencedMCDBA, MCPMar 2005

SQL Server 7

ExperiencedMCDBA, MCPApr 2002

SQL Server 6.5