SQL Server Versions and Editions

There are currently four versions of SQL Server at play in the real world (2012, 2008, 2005, Azure) with one currently in development at the moment. Consider SQL Server 2008 R2 to be the same release as SQL Server 2008 as they both have the same Mainstream Support Retire Date.

 Status Version Release Date

Retired Date

 CurrentSQL Server 2012
 1st April 2012
 IncumbentSQL Server 2008 R2 21st April 2010 14th January 2014
 Extended Support
SQL Server 20086th August 2008 14th January 2014
 Cloud Computing
SQL Azure

 Future SQL Server 2014
 Q4 2014 ?

SQL Server 2012 Editions
SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition
SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence Edition
SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition
SQL Server 2012 Web Edition
SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition
SQL Server 2012 Express Edition
SQL Server 2012 Compact Edition

Future Version

The next version may be released in 2014, called naturally SQL Server 2014.  Whether it's SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2015 or maybe SQL Server 2016, we'll be on it. It's because that's what we do. SQL Server.