SQL Server Support

Sequallity are a SQL Server Consultancy and we can provide SQL Server support for your business tailored specifically for you.  At Sequallity we believe the customer is king and each has their own particular needs and requirements.

We provide on-site support in the UK but if you have remote access we can analyse and tune your server(s) anywhere in the world.  And we're happy to do this at all sorts of odd hours.  As DBAs we expect this.

You may require a DBA to dial and check your servers for 3 hours per month.  You may require a day a month for 3 months and then 1 day per quarter after that, again, this is absolutely fine. 
Of course we are happy to sign your NDA (non-disclosure agreement). 

You may have some specific issues that need troubleshooting.  We can do this too.  We can give your business specialist SQL Server support.