SQL Services

Our consultants provide the following SQL services:
  • Emergency DBA!
  • Ad-hoc SQL Server Support
  • One Day SQL Server Health Check
  • SQL Server Performance Check
  • Project Based Work
  • Remote Access Support
  • 10/20/40/x hours per month SQL Support
  • SQL Server Training

Emergency DBA! (As soon as possible!)

Need a DBA in a hurry, got a problem you need resolving now? Call or leave a message on the following numbers
01604 659 799 or 07904 501 117 (out of hours).

We will endeavour to do our best to get you same-day support or immediate telephone support. The charge for this emergency support will be £100 per hour plus expenses.

One Day SQL Server Health Check (1 day)

We will spend the day verifying that your servers are okay and you have all things covered, we will point you in the right direction leaving you with a report for further action required.

SQL Server Performance Check (2 days)

We will spend two days analysing your SQL Server system and then recommend performance improvements and write routines and implement them, if so requested.

10/20/40/+ Support

Some companies have multiple SQL Server installations on multiple boxes and sometimes distributed in different countries. This type of support requires full-time Enterprise DBA services and perhaps even OOH (Out of Hours) Support. Sequallity provide all of this.

We also believe that a good DBA will pre-empt problems and will write stored procedures to self-automate the server, only checking daily to see if the regular maintenance routines have occurred. This level of service is for companies who want a certain amount of hours per month, 10, 20, 40 etc. This makes sense for a mid-sized company who is new to multiple SQL Server administration.

Not all companies need a full or even part-time DBA. Smaller companies typically have one or two SQL Servers and indeed, sometimes their clients need SQL Server help too. We don't just deal with enterprise shops. We also deal with smaller companies that need ad-hoc or remote services. This is the most cost-effective as you only pay for the SQL services you need, as and when.


Do you have a junior member of staff or a developer you would like to become a DBA? At Sequallity, we not only provide top-notch DBA services but we believe in one-2-one training and mentoring. We can take an employee with motivation for learning SQL and turn them into a DBA for your company. We can also provide support for your DBA if you need any further help. Typically this can take 3 months depending on the student. However, developers or DBAs from other relational databases can pick up the essentials in a matter of weeks.

SQL Server Training

We provide training in any area of SQL Server.  Most recently we have designed courses for Transasct-SQL and Replication.  We tailor them specifically for your needs.  You get real experts, you get real results.


Specific Areas of SQL Server Speciality

Performance Tuning and Optimisation

At Sequallity we believe there are very few occurences when a DBA is needed full-time. A good DBA will write self-automating routines to keep each server in tip-top shape and will spend a minimal amount of time checking completion of said maintenance thus freeing him/her to do more and be much more productive. Saving the day is all well and good, however, we shouldn't have got to the point when the day needed to be saved at all, in the first place.

SQL Server Installation/Upgrade

Sequallity have lots of experience of performance monitoring and optimisation for lots of different clients. Performance Monitoring has been likened to an art rather than a science, by Ken England. The method of deducing poorly performing SQL Servers involves a methodical, almost mechanical approach. There are many different ways of monitoring SQL Server, but the two most important in any DBA's book are SQL Profiler and System Monitor.

Installing SQL Server is a breeze. There's nothing you can get wrong, right? What about Data and Log File placement? What about collation including case settings and also Windows regional settings? How can you ensure all SQL Servers are installed in the same way? Sequallity can show you that way.

SQL Server Configuration

How have you configured your SQL Server? Are you using the most of your RAM, are you hard drives using different controllers, how big is your pagefile? There are a few common gotchas and we'll show you these also.

Database Design

As a minimum you must aim for 3NF (Third Normal Form). There is no right way to design a database but there is definitely a wrong way. You shouldn't make your tables 'too thin' and you certainly shouldn't make them 'too wide'.

Database Administration

There is a lot more to good SQL Server Database Administration than just sitting there waiting for things to happen. Good DBAs pre-empt problems by checking states regularly. They test Backups, they check server space and data space. Are the tables being indexed, have they been indexed properly? Can the database application be tuned in any way? These are the constant questions that need to be asked.

Do you need remote database administration? Sequallity can provided Remote DBA Services for you. We can probably help you now or tonight or this weekend.

Transact-SQL Development

SQL Server development is deceptively easy, however developers who lack experience with SQL are able to bring a perfectly good server and database design to its knees with poorly written queries. Let us help your SQL Developers get the best out of SQL Server.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Do you have a Backup Strategy? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Do you actually need one? Does your client need OLTP (On-Line Transaction Processing) or a DSS (Decision Support System)? Have you agreed with them a minimum of recoverability, is this signed off?


Sequallity have good experience with implementing replication of all sorts and varieties. Replication is very simple once you become familiar with the terminology and principles. There still is a huge learning curve to get there, let us save you the time, call us today.

SQL Server Security

What is best, Windows or SQL Server security and how should you implement them? Schemas, Database Roles et al. Which to choose? Let us show you how.

Database Movement

We have experience of both Log Shipping and Replication (Transactional and Snapshot). We have also fixed problems with Replication.

SQL Server Resource

We can also provide team resource for SQL Server in two main areas; Database Administration and Transact-SQL Development. If you have any requirements for teams of developers or DBAs then give us a call. We'll get the right staff for you. As we have actually used SQL Server and understand it we are able to closely match our bank of staff with your needs.