SQL Server Help

Sequallity is a SQL Server consultancy, we offer Sql Server database administration amongst other things.  We are always learning sql and love using databases.  In general, we offer database services, like SQL Server performance tuning.

Below are some of the common questions we receive about Microsoft SQL Server.  If you have some of your own questions then please do not hesitate to ask us at contact@sequallity.co.uk.

What is SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).  Commonly, this is called a database, database software or a database server.  It can only be installed on a Windows platform (the Windows Operating System).

SQL Server stores data, and is sometimes called SQL, although this is technically incorrect.  Normally in a large company or enterprise this lives on a dedicated server, there only being SQL Server and Windows on this box.  In smaller to medium-sized companies, SQL Server exists with other applications like IIS or Microsoft Exchange Server.  This could be perfectly acceptable, although it isn't one of our recommendations.

SQL Server is also part of the Small Business Server suite of software.

For a Wikipedia explanation of SQL Server see here; Microsoft SQL Server

How can Sequallity help?

Sequallity deal with all sorts of things but we can help you with these types of things

      • SQL Server Installation
      • SQL Server Training
      • Data Recovery
      • Data Backup

What can't Sequallity help with?

      • data entry
      • data centre
      • web servers
      • linux dedicated servers
      • dedicated linux servers
      • laptop data recovery
      • internet movie database
      • content management server
      • proxy server